Davidoff Tubos Selection

Featuring Davidoff’s most iconic cigar formats (No. 2, 2000 & Special R) in a popular tubo version, the Tubos Selection combines 3 best-selling cigars in one assortment.

The tubos protect the cigars while traveling and maintain a constant level of humidity for 3 months. Ideal for aficionados on the move and for those who might not have a humidor yet.

The perfect assortment for trial tasting or gifting. Each pack includes a leaflet providing information on the entire Davidoff cigar portfolio.


1 x Davidoff Signature No. 2 (6" x 38)

1 x Davidoff Signature 2000 (5" x 43)

1 x Davidoff Aniversario Special R (4.8" x 50)

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