Davidoff Royal Release Salomones


Presented in a shiny and veinless wrapper, specially reserved for Davidoff Royal Release line, the cigar delights the palate from the first puff with elegant and smooth flavours of oak wood, leather and fresh spices. The structure of these flavours and the texture of the smoke are one of a kind. Sophisticated, neat, but at the same time stimulating all taste buds.

In the second third, spiciness appears together with subtle tastes of roasted almonds, sweet corn and milk chocolate with a creamy and long lasting aftertaste.

In the last third Davidoff Royal Release demonstrates why not all cigars are created equally with an intensified complexity and balance that sets Royal Release apart. 

Format: Salomones

Size: 8.25" x 57

Strength: 3

Smoking Time: 95 mins

Taste Profile: Varying flavours of leather, black pepper, cream, milk chocolate and oak wood.

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