El Rey del Mundo Taínos Edición Regional Formosa

Habanos S.A’s Edición Regional series has exclusive releases for specific countries and regions of the world and even distributor areas. However, this exclusive edition was named for a country that no longer exists, Formosa, a former republic located on modern-day Taiwan that lasted under five months.

Formosa, meaning beautiful island, existed from 23rd May – 21st Oct 1895 following the first Sino-Japanese War in which the island declared its independence from the Chinese Qing Dynasty but was then taken over by the Japanese. Today, it is simply part of Taiwan.

Format: Julieta No. 2 (Churchill)

Size: 7" x 47 RG

Strength: Medium

Enjoyment Time: 60 mins

Limited Edition: 8,888 Boxes Worldwide

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